Ani KAniyd Wolf



People have wonderful things to say about Ani

“A fabulous talent and a natural actor.”

Marcus Rogers, director of ‘The Widower’


“I wrote the part in ‘Your Daddy Don’t Know’ just for Ani.”

Mike Dowse, director of ‘Fubar’

photo by Dean McLean

“She has the torque of a 2017 Doge Ram and the drive of a

relentless politician who knows what it takes to get it done.”

Ben Silverman • Producer and literary agent at Integral Artists. 


“Ani Kyd does not let up. Her energy is amazing.”

Bob Duncan • Three-time winner, WGC Best Documentary Writing and

Academy Award-nominated producer. 

Doc TV website

“Ani has a great voice and more than that, she has great intent.

She’s not looking to waste time and entertain. She’s coming

from a deeper place. I like it.”

Henry Rollins • Musician, actor, writer. 


““Ani’s unlimited energy and enthusiasm fuels her determination to succeed.”

Ari Liimatainen • Producer, Da Vinci’s Inquest, Gracepoint, The Romeo Section.


“I’ve known Ani Kyd for thirty years. If something creative is humanly possible,

Ani can do it. If something creative is not humanly possible, Ani can still

probably do it. Ani Kyd is a talented force of nature. Here is a simple rule

of life: If Ani decides to do it, it will be done.”

Tony Pantages • Director, actor, producer, Stakeout, Three Days in Havana.

Tony's website


“With a great vision comes great directing! Ani has what it takes

to get the job done!”

Andy Hodgson • Producer/cinematographer, Red Castle Films.