Ani KAniyd Wolf


Who is Ani Kyd Wolf?

Ani is creative powerhouse who comes from a long line of entertaining souls. 

Ani Kyd Wolf was born in Hamilton Ontario on Sept. 15th 1969 to 17 year old folk singer/songwriter Dianne Kyd who instantly became a single mother. In Grade 2 Ani directed, produced and starred in her first theatre play that she took from a children's book that she liked about a princess and a fireman. It was an assembly production for the entire Kent Public School. After the show she received a box of thank you letters from the other students.

Ani, her mom, younger brother Luke Kyd and new sister Ruth Kyd all lived in, and around, the Belleville Ontario area until Ani was 10. At that point the family moved to Vancouver BC where Ani continued to grow up. Music was a huge part of Ani's life and family. Her aunt Heather Kyd was in the Vancouver reggae band The Dreadbeats who open up for every punk and reggae band that came to town in the early 80's.

When she was 14 she got pregnant with her son Michael and she too became a single mother. Raising her child and working on creating her dreams into reality, Ani took on various jobs to keep food on the table. She played music in bands, rehearsing with them in her living room to save money. When her son Michael Joseph Kyd turned 19, he became schizophrenic and was hospitalized on and off for 10 years.

She has directed and produced various music videos since 2000. She has been a signed musician to Jello Biafra's American label "Alternative Tentacles" since 2005 and has sung on many different songs for various artists (Strapping Young Lad, Paul Hyde, Sandy Scofield, Jello Biafra, etc.). Ms. Kyd has been on over 50 different CD compilations. In 2010, she started her own film company "Sugar Skull Films" and made her first short film starring Jello Biafra. 

Today Ani continues to climb to new levels in her career while spending as much time as she can in her country home with her son Michael and husband Chris Wolf 

Photo by Lara Gray

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